TIGER Grant Applications

The United States Department of Transportation announced the availability of up to $500 million for National Infrastructure Investments, referred to as Transportation Infrastructure Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Discretionary Grants.

TIGER grants are for capital investments in surface transportation infrastructure and are to be awarded on a competitive basis for projects that will have a significant impact on the nation, a metropolitan area or a region.

The Cullman County Commission has submitted an application for the project below. Supporting documentation for this project is also provided.

Project Supporting Documentation

Submission Resolution Submission Resolution PDF
Federal Wage Certification Federal Wage Certification PDF
Support Letters from Legislative and Community Leaders Support Letters from Legislative and Community Leaders PDF
Citizen Support Letters Citizen Support Letters PDF
Cullman County Statistics Cullman County Statistics PDF

Project Photos and Maps

County Road 7  
County Road 7 Photos CR-7 Photos PDF
County Road 7 Map CR-7 Map PDF
County Road 46  
County Road 46 Photos CR-46 Photos PDF
County Road 46 Map CR-46 Map PDF
County Road 76  
County Road 76 Photos CR-76 Photos PDF
County Road 76 Map CR-76 Map PDF
County Road 310  
County Road 310 Photos CR-310 Photos PDF
County Road 310 Map CR-310 Map PDF
County Road 436  
County Road 436 Photos CR-436 Photos PDF
County Road 436 Map CR-436 Map PDF
County Road 545  
County Road 545 Photos CR-545 Photos PDF
County Road 545 Map CR-545 Map PDF
County Road 783  
County Road 783 Photos CR-783 Photos PDF
County Road 783 Map CR-783 Map PDF
County Road 1518  
County Road 1518 Photos CR-1518 Photos PDF
County Road 1518 Map CR-1518 Map PDF
County Road 1564  
County Road 1564 Photos CR-1564 Photos PDF
County Road 1564 Map CR-1564 Map PDF
County Road 1570  
County Road 1570 Photos CR-1570 Photos PDF
County Road 1570 Map CR-1570 Map PDF
County Road 1589  
County Road 1589 Photos CR-1589 Photos PDF
County Road 1589 Map CR-1589 Map PDF