Facilities and Equipment

About our facilities...

Cullman County EMA has two full-time staff members

  • Phyllis Little, Director
  • Scott McDonald, Assistant Director

Emergency Response agencies in Cullman County provide a liaison to the Emergency Operations Center during times of activation to serve as a direct contact with their respective agency.

Our Emergency Operations Center...

The central location for response activities following a local disaster is our Emergency Operations Center. Coordination of local resources is provided by the CCEMA at the Emergency Operations Center especially following a widespread event. All requests for additional assistance flow through the local Emergency Operations Center to the Alabama Emergency Operations Center in order to have tracking of resources and accountability of personnel during a disaster.

Cullman County EMA serves as the local point of contact for FEMA, Alabama EMA, and Alabama Department of Homeland Security.

Other Equipment and Services

Baron Services Radar

Weather/Radar Monitor

HAM Radio Operations