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Cullman County, Alabama

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John G. Cullmann

Cullman was settled by Col. John G. Cullmann, a Frankweiler, Germany refugee, in 1873. After settling for a while in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cullmann moved south to Alabama with the dream of establishing a colony for German immigrants like himself. He purchased a plot of land some 180 miles long and 30 miles wide from the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Making the present site of Cullman his headquarters, he brought five German families to the area in March of 1873. The town of Cullman was incorporated five years later. Because the growth of the area was so significant, the state created Cullman County in 1877.

Cullman continues to be close to its German heritage, celebrating Oktoberfest each fall. In addition, a close relationship is maintained with Col. Cullmann’s home city of Frankweiler. Today, the two towns serve as sister cities through a friendship exchange program. Semi-annually, members of the program take turns visiting each other, allowing those in Cullman the opportunity to shower German visitors with southern hospitality.

Cullman residents displayed the same hospitality to each other in the days and weeks following the historic April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak that struck the southeast. Three tornadoes tracked through Cullman County that day, including an EF-4 that tore through downtown that afternoon, leaving nothing but rubble for several blocks. While bare-branched splintered trees, and lack thereof, are still present, many homes and businesses damaged in the storms are back functioning, a sign Cullman continues moving forward.

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