Severe Weather Alerts

The National Weather Service and the Cullman County Emergency Management Agency utilize two types of situations to warn Cullman County residents of severe weather. Knowing the difference between a "watch" and a "warning" can help Cullman County’s citizens understand what actions to take to protect themselves when weather threatens.

A "watch" means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather in the watch area. For example, a thunderstorm watch would mean that atmospheric conditions are favorable for thunderstorms to move into the area or develop in the area at any time. A tornado watch wound mean that tornadoes could develop in the watch area at any time with minimal warning. During a watch Cullman County residents should take time to plan what steps they will take to protect themselves from severe weather and stay tuned to local TV or radio for possible warnings. Persons should also be mindful of weather conditions, watching for changes that could signal that severe weather is approaching.

A "warning" means the type of storm in question has been sighted by storm spotters or on National Weather Service radar. Persons should take immediate action to protect themselves and their families from the weather threat. What action to take should have been decided before or during the "watch" period.

Planning and acting are the keys to protecting yourself from severe weather. For more information on severe weather which often affects our area and what you can do to prepare and protect yourself, contact the Cullman County Emergency Agency at 256-739-5410.


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