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Welcome to Cullman Alabama EMA!

On behalf of the Cullman County Commission and the municipal governments in Cullman County, welcome to the Cullman County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA) site. Through this site, you can locate up-to-date information relating to Emergency Management, local weather, and emergency response agencies. During times of disaster, this page will be utilized to provide disaster-related information for recovery.

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The main goal of the Cullman County Emergency Management Agency is protecting citizens from both natural and man-made disasters. We do this through the objectives of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Through mitigation and preparedness activities, we help Cullman County residents lessen the effects of disasters and prepare to take action when disaster threatens. Through response and recovery activities, we provide aid to our citizens who are affected by disasters and help them return their lives to normal. From modern, up-to-date facilities at the Cullman County Emergency Operations Center, to trained and dedicated staff, CCEMA stands ready to react when Cullman County is threatened.

We hope you enjoy our site and learn much from it. We also hope you will take time to learn more about the potential hazards which Cullman County residents face and about the agencies in Cullman County which stand ready to come to your aid. To the hardworking individuals who are associated with these organizations, we dedicate this site.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Cullman County Emergency Management Agency is to support Cullman County residents and entities to reduce loss of life and property and to protect the environment. CCEMA will provide coordination with local stakeholders to promote emergency preparedness, assist with the coordination of disaster response and recovery efforts, encouraging mitigation efforts in all jurisdictions to ensure the safety and welfare of the residents of Cullman County before during, and after a disaster or major emergency.