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Sales Tax/Revenue Enforcement Department

About Sales Tax/Revenue Enforcement

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The Cullman County Sales Tax/Revenue Enforcement Office handles a variety of functions. In addition to collecting county wide sales and related taxes, we also collect various related taxes for several municipalities within our county.

Our office also sells the two (2) cent Cullman County tobacco stamps, which are required to be applied to all packs of cigarettes prior to being offered for sale in our county. These stamps are typically sold to tobacco wholesalers.

The License Inspector's office also comes under the supervision of our department. The License Inspector and Deputy Inspectors are responsible for enforcing various revenue laws as the apply to taxes within Cullman County. These include the enforcement of manufactured home decals, enforcement of business licenses (county), and enforcement of all other taxes collected by our office.

The Cullman County Solid Waste Officer also works out of our department. The Solid Waste Officer is responsible for enforcing various laws as they relate to solid waste within our county. These include illegal dumping, littering, and various other issues.

Contact Information

Name Position Email
Vicky Fisher Director Email
Michelle Barnett Assistant Director Email
Edgar Woodis Revenue Examiner Email
Zeb Reid Deputy License Inspector Email
Daniel White Deputy License Inspector Email
Phillip Patterson Solid Waste Officer Email
Erica Griggs Customer Service Email
Dana Skinner Customer Service Email
Tiffany Graveman Government Tax Analyst Email

Physical Address

325 Second Street SE
Cullman, AL 35055

Mailing Address

Cullman County Commission
Sales Tax/Revenue Enforcement

P.O. Box 1206
Cullman, AL 35056





Business Hours

7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday

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